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L6 COM Radio

L6 COM Radio

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Say NO to headset adapters

The simplicity of the L6 COM radio makes it a pilot favorite: just turn it on, type in a frequency, and plug in your headset. No menus, no wires, and no adapters. The high contrast, extra-large screen and backlit keypad make a big difference during an emergency. Plus, the LEMO jack will even power your headset.

Packed with pilot friendly features, these radios are made for the cockpit. The alkaline battery pack means you don’t have to worry about recharging yet another battery every time you fly. In addition, the L6 COM radios are equipped with the popular USB type C port, so any 2.4 amp plug or battery pack can power these radios. With 6 watts of peak transmit power and transmit LED indicator, you can rest assured that your emergency radio calls are getting broadcast.

1. No adapter cables

An emergency is no time to be searching for an adapter for your handheld radio. The L6 COM radio allows pilots to unplug their LEMO connector headset from the panel and plug it directly into their backup so your headset's ANR keeps working. This thoughtfully designed radio saves precious time when you need it most. Having a dedicated backup COM radio means you can focus on what matters most: flying the aircraft.


2. Simple to use

There’s no time to read an instruction manual when the panel goes dark, so the L6 is designed to be dead simple to operate. There is dedicated knobs for squelch and volume, so just twist the knob to turn the radio on. There are no menus or frequency bands to manage either— simply type in a frequency to start communicating.

The L6 is also designed for one-handed operation, so you can fly with your left hand and communicate with your right. A large push-to-talk button is easily accessed by your thumb, and a handy last frequency button makes it easy to flip back and forth between approach and tower. The large screen is backlit for easy viewing at night, and the oversized keypad is easy to use in turbulence. Everything has been optimized for pilot-friendly operation.


3. AA Batteries

Rechargeable batteries are a fact of life these days, but while they are excellent for devices you use every day (like a smartphone), they are not the best option for a backup radio. Because it’s likely your radio will sit in your flight bag for weeks between uses, we prefer easy-to-find AA batteries for the L6. With a shelf life measured in years, you can load up the radio and rest assured you’ll have power when you need it. No need to worry about charging another battery. NOTE: rechargeable AA batteries are not recommended. 

Our team of pilots went a step further, though. There’s also a USB-C plug on the right side of the radio for additional flexibility. While this won’t charge the battery pack (the AAs aren’t rechargeable, after all), it will power the radio. Since USB-C is an increasingly popular connector, found on everything from iPads to ADS-B receivers, you don’t have to carry another obscure charging cable. Just plug it into your cigarette lighter or portable battery pack and turn the L6 on.


4. Low price

The best backup radio is the one you have with you, so we believe value is another important feature. We’ve worked hard to make the L6 a rugged, reliable radio, but all while keeping the price under $300. The only thing we cut was unnecessary features—not quality. There’s also nothing extra to buy, since the L6 comes with an AA battery pack, antenna, and belt clip. And remember you don’t need an adapter cable.


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